What is LightCat?

LightCat is a Product Management tool.

  1. It is a place to keep all your documents, insights and more, connected to a list of features.
  2. It is a Decision Framework for your team to plan releases.
  3. It is designed to replace Spreadsheet - Docs - Kanban (or SDK ;-)) stack.
  4. It can track progress - so if you do not need Git Automation, you can actually even remove Jira from the stack.

Here's an intro video

Who uses Tools like LightCat and Why?

Some of the most effective Product Teams on the world rely on proper tooling to deliver their products.

For smaller teams, these include a Documentation tool (Google Doc), A Release Plan (Trello), a Feature Prioritisation tool (Spreadsheet), an Execution Tool (Jira).

Teams spend a lot of time keeping these in sync.

That time usually is very expensive.

It could be the time spent talking to users, thinking, watching FullStory videos, studying metrics, or just plain learning.

LightCat is designed to replace 3 of those (Spreadsheet - Docs - Kanban) in one fell swoop.

Why should I not just use Trello / SpreadSheet?

If Spreadsheet - Docs - Kanban stack works for you - just do it. Depending upon your stage, and approach, that might be the right thing for you.

LightCat is aimed at very specific types of teams.

It will work better than Trello - Spreadsheet - Google Docs combination only if you meet most of the following conditions:

  1. You break down the feature ideas into many smaller chunks AND prioritise the chunks to decide which ones to build first.
  2. You write product documentation for internal consumption eg Specs, Design Docs etc.
  3. You hate making entries manually in multiple places.
  4. You do not want to spend USD 50+ per Product Manager to become super effective (LightCat is Free or $9 per user).
  5. Unless you work very hard at Product Operations, there is chaos at the time of execution, which you totally hate.
  6. You prefer intellectual stuff like customer interviews, UX design, measuring PMF etc substantially over Product Operations.

What is in LightCat's roadmap?

This is subject to change based on YOUR requests as we re cobuilding with our customers. Here's the top of the list for the moment:

Customer Feedback

  1. Embeddable Feedback Widget: A form you can embed in your product, collect user feedback and attach the feedback to the features you are building.
  2. SurveyMonkey integration.


  1. Custom Objectives and Costs to score User Stories
  2. Create your own custom prioritisation model
  3. Add User Stories to Releases from Features List (without opening the Roadmap view)
  4. 2 Way integration to Jira, Trello and Asana

Documentation Templates

Here we will introduce templates by some of the top people in the Product Management world (with due reference).

  1. Customer Interview Template
  2. Product Spec Template (inspired by this one by Gaurav Oberoi)
  3. Internal Wiki Template
  4. A few more ...

Some Fancy Stuff

  1. Roadmap Radar - a beautiful Radar Chart of the Roadmap to be used in meetings, presentations etc to align everyone, something like this.
  2. Product Experiments - Pull metric data from Mixpanel, Amplitude or Database to see which features are being used and which ones aren't.

You can use a limited version for free (ideally with your team). We want Product Management to be an absolute delight with minimal operational overheads.

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