We are Utkarsh (twitter) and Zain (twitter), founders of LightCat. We aren't particularly fond of cats. Really.. But most of our customers are.

And we liked the name.

Utkarsh and Zain, trying not to look too creepy

Why We Feel Product Stack is Incomplete?

Well, we have been product and growth geeks through most of our lives (~20 years combined). And we, by definition, have been power users of JIRA, Trello, Google Docs and MixPanel. Here are the two phases of product development which are neglected.

Planning Phase (Before Development): We have always wanted to have a product for the planning phase - jotting down features, adding your own scoring criteria, and picking some for the roadmap or the sprint. This needs to be a document, but easy to sort and prioritise, fun to collaborate, with option to add custom scoring criteria.

Learning Phase (After Release): Feature list and nuances go for a toss after release. So the analytics becomes contextless. Eg we know that there 12% more users last week after the new onboarding was released, but is this a result of the new onboarding? Usually, we don't know this. This needs to be a use-and-throw dashboard. So quick to create (under a minute), visually great, should allow discussions, and storable for reference.

The LifeCycle of a User Story

So Here We Are

So far you have helped us feel broadly right. And we are trying our best to make it so that LightCat helps you be the awesome Product Team that crushes its goals, and then some.

You can connect with us on Twitter, and check out our product here.

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